Friday, May 15, 2009

Photos! Yay!

I love mail-order photo companies.  I don't really have a preference.  Any place where I can order prints and get them mailed to me for half the price I like.  Because I like photos.  I like printing lots of them and putting them in albums and pasting them on my walls.  Almost free self-made art, yay.

Here are some of the new additions:  

Underside of a bridge, taken while on one of the super-cool architectural boat tours.

The Trump Tower, almost done.  A big shiny building.

A pretty little butterfly.  

So -- yay, photos!  I spend most of my afternoon putting these on the wall instead of working of Meredith's wedding dress.  

(Note to Meredith:  I was totally working on your dress all day.  Don't believe the lies.)  

And... that's all.  I like photos.

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